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i am dutch & AN ARTIST.

I am from Haarlem, Netherlands and currently reside in Dallas, Texas. I graduated from Delft University of Technology in 2016 with a Masters in Industrial Design. I grew up in a home of artists and began drawing as a young child. My mind thinks in images rather than words - from a young age my mind has been painting pictures, drawing graphs to analyze and visualizing patterns. And design is precisely that, the analysis of product and people and the visualization of ideas. To design is to speak with one's eyes. And now, after practicing the visualization of my own ideas for years, it is rather invigorating to shift my focus outward and help others actualize their ideas.

My design philosophy is simple: creating desirable and sustainable products (and services) that become a meaningful part of the daily life of people. My vision is that creating an interaction between people and product is the most important factor in designing products that people want sustain in their lives. Immersing myself in the behavior of people is therefore key in my process.


This past year I completed my masters in Integrated Product Design with an internship at Zodiac Aerospace, a world leader in aircraft interiors and equipment for commercial aircrafts. My project aimed to resolve a 'comfort-to-weight ratio' dilemma within aircraft seat design. I set out to design an aircraft seat that was more comfortable than current designs while also weighing less to benefit the customer's experience as well as the airline company commercially. A deep comprehension of comfort perception and user experience (UX) was necessary to create a solution for this problem.  Eventually, one half of the final result has been patented. 

Half way through my internship, although unplanned, I resolved a similar problem with the aircraft headrest. Along with two design engineers, I designed a new headrest that mimicked the functionality and lightweight material of a hammock. I received a patent on this headrest and delivered this design to Emirates who will be using it in their fleet in the near future. 

More about my past experience can be found in my CV.


Although most of my past experience has been in product design, I am currently pursuing a blend of different aspects of design.
My masters program involved a specific focus on the various aspects of user experience (UX) and therefore I have an extensive comprehension in the UX and graphic design field as well. Specializing in UX incorporates knowledge of the customer's interaction with a particular product or service -- a majority of the graphic design industry does not have such speculation and rather only focus on the aesthetics itself. I can offer complete designs by having a great understanding of both a user's needs as well as distinct and attractive aesthetics.

This advantage and a huge personal interest made me experiment with working in this field. Now after several years of experience as freelancer in graphic design I can say that I’ve become an expert in combining clear modern graphics with user/customer experience and convincing presentation.