// design & work experience

    • Concept Designer @ TWTG, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
      August 2016 - Present
      TWTG is a concept design and engineering studio with key expertise in developing 'intelligent' products; products with sensors, Internet of Things and other smart technology. Within TWTG I am involved in multiple projects and in different roles. I am responsible for concept design, aesthetic design,  presentation and design engineering. More recently, I am also involved in the processes of business development.
    • Product design Freelancer
      February 2010 - Present
      Product design projects for start-ups and mid-sized companies. These projects included concept development, form visions, prototyping, DFM and entire design processes. A list of clients can be found in the About section.
    • Graphic design Freelancer
      September 2011 - Present
      Small projects for individuals and small businesses. These projects included designing company identities, printed advertisement / artwork, product visualizations and visual product design (UX).
    • Graduate Intern @ Zodiac Seats US, Gainesville, TX, USA
      January 2016 - August 2016
      An internship as part of my master's graduation project. I worked on my own project called 'design of a lightweight and comfortable aircraft seat'. Moreover, I prepared product presentations and video for the 2016 Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo and designed a Hammock Supported Headrest that has been patented and then licensed to Emirates.
    • Research Assistant @ Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands
      June 2015 - September 2015
      Executing a comfort study at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering on behalf of Hyundai R&D, Seoul, South-Korea. This resulted in a well-received scientific paper, co-authored with Professor Peter Vink - and published in Applied Ergonomics magazine (Issue 58, January 2017) by Elsevier.
    • Product design Intern @ Tweetonig BV, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
      May 2014 - November 2014
      A Product/Industrial Design (fulltime) internship for a little more than half a year. Tweetonig is a concept design and engineering studio with key expertise in developing 'intelligent' products; products with sensors, Internet of Things and other smart technology. I worked on various projects; creating ideas, concepts, visualizations and form visions for these products.
    • Teaching Assistant @ Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands
      September 2010 - July 2013
      By giving instructions and demonstrations and assisting the drawing teachers, I helped other students during drawing classes to improve their skills.
    • UX Design Consultant @ UniPartners, Delft, The Netherlands
      November 2011 - April 2012
      Worked on a single project to improve the User experience (UX) and User interface (UI) of a goods import/export software program called Sherpa, by Unitas Software.
    • Customer relations co-worker @ Inter IKEA Systems, Delft, The Netherlands
      October 2009 - November 2015
      Side-job next to studies that sharply increased my knowledge on retail, human behavior, customer service and verbal English.
    • Investigations & Reconcilliation co-worker @ Bank Mendes Gans, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
      Summers of 2007,2008, 2009
      Full-time summer job at a Dutch bank that solely works B2B with international clients all over the world. My task was to analyze money transfers and solve occurring problems. This job increased my knowledge of finance, data analysis and written & verbal English.

    // education

    • Master of Science in Integrated Product Design with a specialization in Advanced Automotive Design
      Received from Delft University of Technology, Jan 17
    • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Engineering
      Received from Delft University of Technology, Aug 12
    • VWO / Gymnasium (Secondary School) with a specialization in Physics & Technology + Latin
      Received from Gymnasium Felisenum, Aug 07

    // competencies

    • Core skills: Drawing (freehand & digital) / Conceptualization / Presentation / Visual thinking / Design strategy

    • Languages: Dutch (native) / English (bilingual) / German (basic)

    • Software:
      OS: Mac OS (main) / Windows OS (alternative)
      CAD: SolidWorks (main) / Keyshot (main) / Sketchup Pro (alt)) / Maya (alt) / Rhino (alt) / Marvelous Designer (alt)
      Adobe: Ps (expert) / Ai (expert) / Id (expert) / Ae (good) / Pr (good)
      Documentation: MS Office (main) / iWork / Libre Office
      Other: Sketch / Invision / Autodesk Sketchbook / XCode / SPSS / MindDecider / Matlab Simulink / Ansys

    • Interests:
      Traveling, Painting, Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion, Cars, Coffee, Running, Bicycling, Diving, Nutritional Science, Psychology

    • In possession of a Drivers License

    • Remodeled an entire 1500 square feet house together with my girlfriend from April 2017 - September 2017 (See the result here)



    daan lips  |  industrial & graphic designer
    NL: +31 6 4066 7745
    US: +1 214 799 8525

    SInce I currently travel a lot, please contact me through email to make sure it finds my way!